Bangladesh Allows Online Credit Card Shopping

Posted By admin on June 15th, 2013

Bangladesh Bank Allows International Online ShoppingBangladesh Bank Allows International Online Shopping

Bangladesh Bank, the central bank of Bangladesh, now allows Bangladeshis holding international credit cards to shop online. However, there are still restrictions that apply while shopping online in Bangladesh.

In the past, Bangladeshis were not able to purchase goods and services online, even if the cost was only $1. For example, if someone wanted to buy an app or a game on Google Play for their Android phone, they had to ask their friends or family living abroad to do it for them. For now on, buying anything online will not be a problem. But there is a limit of $100 per transaction and there is an annual limit which is equal to the available unused annual travel quotas plus an additional amount not exceeding $1,000.

This is definitely a good start. However, the limit of $100 per transaction will prevent buyers from buying items such as most of the popular digital products like tablets, cameras, and eReaders. However, Bangladesh Bank did mention that they will keep an eye on how it goes for the next three months and will take necessary steps to make online purchasing better.

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