Toronto First Big Snowfall of The Season

Posted By admin on December 14th, 2013

Toronto is expected to get its first big snow today and tomorrow. Environment Canada states that it can be 15 to 20 cm snow by Sunday. Video was taken at around 4.00 on Sat, Dec 14, 2013.

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Bangladesh Allows Online Credit Card Shopping

Posted By admin on June 15th, 2013

Bangladesh Bank Allows International Online ShoppingBangladesh Bank Allows International Online Shopping

Bangladesh Bank, the central bank of Bangladesh, now allows Bangladeshis holding international credit cards to shop online. However, there are still restrictions that apply while shopping online in Bangladesh.

In the past, Bangladeshis were not able to purchase goods and services online, even if the cost was only $1. For example, if someone wanted to buy an app or a game on Google Play for their Android phone, they had to ask their friends or family living abroad to do it for them. For now on, buying anything online will not be a problem. But there is a limit of $100 per transaction and there is an annual limit which is equal to the available unused annual travel quotas plus an additional amount not exceeding $1,000.

This is definitely a good start. However, the limit of $100 per transaction will prevent buyers from buying items such as most of the popular digital products like tablets, cameras, and eReaders. However, Bangladesh Bank did mention that they will keep an eye on how it goes for the next three months and will take necessary steps to make online purchasing better.

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How to Improve Your Personality

Posted By admin on March 18th, 2013

Simple Ways to Improve Your PersonalitySimple Ways to Improve Your Personality

Written by Jenny Castañeda

Personality is a pattern of our behavior that make us a unique person; it defines who we are. Having a good personality is more vital and essential than physical good looks; people get more easily attracted by your inner personality than your outside appearance. Cultivating your personality is not an easy thing to learn to do but we simply must, ultimately. Here are the steps we can take to improve our personality:

1.  Have a positive outlook and attitude – If you are a positive person all the time you will feel always good and you will be less stressed in stressful situations. Some people disrupt their behavior or the way they think because they were thinking negative. If you have a positive outlook on life people will enjoy being with you.

2.    Be a good listener The key to being a good listener is knowing that it can always apply in any situation. You can learn a lot if your attention is focused and if you listen carefully to the others.

3.      Be yourself Nobody is perfect; accept yourself who you are and improve the talents that God gave you. God created us for a unique purpose.

4.      Have opinions To develop your point of view in life, it is not wrong to have an opinion when someone asks to hear it.

5.      Be fun and have a humorous side of lifePeople will always want to be around you if you are funny and have a good sense of humour.

6.      Have integrity and respect As a person you have to own these behaviors; this is a valuable and important thing we should know and apply in our lives. Respect others if you want to get a respect.

7.      Be supportive with othersIf your friends, family, or others need you in difficult situations, show your presence and be there for them. And instead of putting down others who are weak, help lift them up to be strong.

8.      Read more and expand your interests
To develop your personality and you as a person, you have to read, listen, and learn more; continuous learning is part of our lives and it’s never ending.

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Simple Steps to Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Posted By admin on February 3rd, 2013

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Written by Jenny Castañeda

Everyone needs to pay attention to nutrition, exercise often, and avoid unhealthy lifestyle practices. The main strategy to having a healthy lifestyle is balance and moderation. A lifestyle pattern is supplemented by a regular habit of practicing and maintaining. To achieve a healthy living all you need to do is follow these:

Nutrition – Healthy eating is important for everyone; a nutritionally balanced eating plan provides more energy, endurance, and reduces the risk of other health problems. Plan appropriately, eat in moderation, and consume a variety of foods including grains, vegetables, meat, beans, and fruit to help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In determining your ideal weight, consider factors such as age, activity level, and weight related medical problems such as high blood pressure. Eating nutritious foods helps you to have a healthy lifestyle.

Activity and Exercise – Exercise is one of the most important parts of our life, recognized as a lifetime endeavor that is essential for energetic, active, and healthy living. The benefit of exercise has been linked to physical and psychological responses. It reduces feelings of stress and anxiety and increases your sense of well being. Exercise strengthens the lungs, heart, blood vessels that prevent heart disease and other diseases, and also keeps joints flexible and helps you to deal with sad or unhappy feelings. Light exercise (walking, working out in gym, running) for 20 minutes 3 times a week is great as long you do so consistently.

Recreation – Self care is taking time or doing things which bring you joy, happiness and stimulate creativity. Downtime or time to do nothing will bring you spontaneity to relax and to avoid burnout. Simply put, recreation helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce stress.

Avoiding Unhealthy Patterns – Staying healthy is avoiding unhealthy patterns or habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, abusing drugs, sleeping late, etc. To have a healthy lifestyle you need to reduce stress and avoid negative thinking. Negative thinking can’t help you; it will result in negative outcomes.

Mind Body Therapies – Interconnectedness to mind, body and soul is essential. Therapies to bring this interconnectedness include imagery, mediation, storytelling, music therapy, and yoga. Practicing these helps to restore peace and balance in your life and also promotes effective relaxation, which is key in eliminating stress and helps turn any negatives into positives.

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