What Are The Best Interest Rates in Bangladesh?

Posted By admin on February 24th, 2013

Top Bangladesh Fixed Deposit and Special Deposit Interest RatesTop Bangladesh Fixed Deposit and Special Deposit Interest Rates

In search for the best Fixed Deposit and Special Notice Deposit rates available in Bangladesh, I tried going to individual bank websites to see what types of rates they are offering. However, it’s hard to impossible to determine online the rates these banks offer. Most of the sites are user unfriendly and there is no easy way to find out the products and interest rates they are offering. But Bangladesh’s Central Bank, known as Bangladesh Bank, has done a better job providing some rates in a chart on this page:  


Fixed Deposit Rates

If you are looking for Fixed Deposit rates for more than one year, there will be no shortage of banks offering interest rates in the 10 to 12.50 percent range. Some of these banks are Pubali Bank, Uttara bank, Dhaka Bank, Habib Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC bank, and so on.

Special Notice Deposit (SND)

Interest rates are not bad for this type of account either. But the more money you keep, the more interest you get. The best interest rate below 1 crore BDT are hovering around 5 to 7 percent. Rates go higher for over 100 crore BDT at 10 to 12 percent range.

Final Word

If you are considering one of these accounts, best thing to do would be to make a list of banks you would like to consider and then visit their branches personally to make an informed decision.


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