Where Can I Order Home Food Delivery in Dhaka?

Posted By admin on April 6th, 2014

Restaurant Home Food Delivery in Dhaka

Restaurant Home Food Delivery in Dhaka

If you are in cities like Toronto or Berlin, having food delivered at your doorstep 24 hours via online, Smartphone app, fax, or phone is not a problem. However, in many developing Asian cities this may not be possible yet. But one food delivery services is bound to change that in Dhaka.

Foodpanda provides home food delivery services in Dhaka conveniently and hassle-free. Foodpanda covers a wide array of culinary selections and restaurants in Dhaka that you can order via the Foodpanda website, Smartphone app, or a simple phone call.

If you order online, you will be able to see all the restaurants that you can order from in your area. For example, a search for Uttara shows 9 restaurants available. For each restaurant, you will have access to their menus, prices, delivery fees, minimum delivery amount, etc. at a glance. If you want, you can filter your search so you only see restaurants serving what you like, such as Chinese, Middle Eastern, and so on.

Ordering should be a little easier on the Foodpanda Smartphone app, as it picks up your current location and shows restaurants automatically. The Smartphone app also offers many other convenient features, such as the ability to save several addresses and orders so you can easily place them again at a later date.

Once you complete your order, a confirmation email or text message will be sent to your mobile device and your food will be on its way to your home or office. There are delivery fees, but if the restaurants you are ordering from offer free delivery you won’t be changed delivery fees. Even though it’s located in the most densely-populated city on earth with a notorious traffic problem, Foodpanda offers pretty quick delivery from a variety of restaurants right to your doorstep in Dhaka and there will be many more food services like it to follow in the future.

Link: FoodPanda Bangladesh

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