Where Is The World’s Longest Beach?

Posted By admin on January 25th, 2015

Travel Cox’s Bazar If You Are in Bangladesh

Travel Cox’s Bazar If You Are in Bangladesh

If you are thinking that the world’s longest beach is located in the American continent, Europe, or even somewhere in the Philippines or Thailand, think again. Relatively not very popular, yet a major global tourist attraction, the world’s longest uninterrupted and unbroken 120 KM golden sand beach is located at 21°35′ N 92°01′ E, in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.

Cox’s Bazar is located in the Chattagone division in Bangladesh. It runs alongside the Bay of Bengle and Myanmar. The city of Cox’s Bazar is a beautiful, small 6.85 square km beach town. However, the district of Cox’s Bazar is 2491.86 square km.

Cox’s Bazar offers pristine sandy beaches with coconut palms and a view of the mountains along with plenty of sunshine and tropical weather – making it an ideal vacation destination for tourists across the globe.

Cox’s Bazar can be easily reached from Dhaka by air, train, or bus. The easiest way to reach it from Dhaka is by air. Daily non-stop flights are available and take about an hour. Bus rides from Dhaka take about 10 hours to reach Cox’s Bazar. Train services are also available, but you have to go to Chattagong from Dhaka, and then will have to take a bus from Chattagong to Cox’s Bazar as there is no direct train to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka.

There are several tour companies that offer Cox’s Bazar tour packages. To find more information on Cox’s Bazar, search online for these keywords and do your research first before making your decision:

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